Meiiporul offers a wide range of data analytics services designed to help our clients to make decisions upfront, which would enhance their business and streamline their process. In addition, we also use data analytics to create new business models and revenue streams – all while ensuring security, quality and regulatory compliance of data.

Developing Product & Solution

  • Analyse data trends and provide improvised solutions.
  • Deliver higher quality care with reduced cost and minimized approval time.
  • Optimize patient care and increase revenue streams
Predictive and Prescriptive Solution
  • Predictive solutions assist in forecasting the future.
  • Prescriptive solutions focus on patient holistically.
  • Deliver better services and reduce medical inaccuracy.
  • Help reduce financial and clinical risk.
  • Improved coordination between hospital & insurance carrier
  • Lead, strengthen and expand research programs


Meiiporul consulting provides end to end services like consulting, strategy, design, development, implementation, performance improvement and management. Adapting with latest technological changes, we are open to setting up information security, digital transformation and advanced analytics. These digital transformations help the clients to handle various critical issues, surge in revenue and have sustainable customers performance. 

 A team of functional expertise with profound knowledge and experience recommend the right solution which is dynamic, cost-effective and perfectly matches Client’s business goals and IT strategy.

Consulting services

  • System Design and Specification
  • Project Planning and Development
  • Guide in Technology Transition Planning
  • Propose Effective Business Model.
  • Support to accomplish Organizational Vision and Objectives
  • Minimize turnaround time and stretch out for enhancements.

Application Development

Meiiporul provides the client with scalable enterprises applications including Web applications, Desktop applications, Mobile applications and Real-time applications solutions. The applications are of  high performance, secure and scalable providing services to different verticals by managing the software development lifecycle end-to-end. Equipped with a well-structured delivery model, we cater your business requirements within stipulated time frame.

 Our team uses  well-defined and lastest architecture,  rich user experience, innovative user centric interfaces,,latest design patterns and structured framework for development with best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards. Our highly professional development team develops mobile and web applications that is layered with plug and play features.

Our team helps

  • Create user friendly and functional applications.
  • Support to Modify / Enhance customized applications.
  • Transition and transformation of legacy platform/architecture to modern.
  • Provide Complete Visualisation and end-to-end solutions
  • Provide dashboard with varied options
  • Develop Soft touch mobile applications

Application Maintenance

In today’s complex and ever-changing business environment, organizations face the dual confront of reducing the operational cost of ongoing support for their highly integrated, complex systems while staying pertinent and receptive to market demands. Our application maintenance services are customized to meet the requirements of today’s agile enterprises, while being focused on pre-empting issues and enhancing application stability.


  • Optimize various systems in the Organizations
  • Keep up with imperative, Industry-wide changes that affects the revenue
  • Focussed towards Customer satisfaction
  • Minimize the turn round time
  • Build a strong relationship with the client 
  • Enhance and Customize the  product and Solutions efficiently